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Board of Directors

P1050184Our group is one of about 200 across the nation that supports local national wildlife refuges. Our members come from all walks of life to enjoy and promote our refuges. Our members also have access to training and networking offered through national conferences for friends groups.

Our group is led by a board of directors with diverse environmental, educational, business and community expertise. Our board members include:

  • René Bullock, President
  • David Pocs, Vice President, Events Committee, LPL Financial Advisor
  • Rachel Crouch, Secretary, Executive Director at Bluff Lake Nature Center
  • Kate Kramer, Treasurer, GoWild NEMC
  • Carolyn Boller, Events Committee Co-Chair, Retired
  • Kip Cheroutes, LXC Strategies, Inc.
  • James Jacobs, Higher Education Policy at Colorado Mesa
  • Maria Carabajal, Public Relations at South Adams County Fire Protection District
  • Gary Beasley, Membership, Professional Field Interviewer for nonprofit
  • Craig Hurst, At Large City Councilmember for Commerce City
  • Meghan Grimes, At Large City Councilmember for Commerce City
  • Robyn Smith, At Large City Councilmember for Commerce City, Alternate for Councilmembers Hurst and Grimes

FFRWR Staff:

  • Mallory Gonia, Manager, Nature’s Nest

Volunteer of the Year Award

Every year FFRWR board of directors gives the FFRWR Volunteer of the Year award.

In 2015, Carolyn Boller received the award. For 2016, Betty Pepin received the award for her years of service on the FFRWR Board of Directors and for her service to Nature’s Nest.

For 2017, Diane Buell received the award for her many hours of volunteer service to the RMANWR. In the fall of 2017, Reba Drotar received recognition for her role as co-founder of the Nature’s Nest and long-time volunteering. In the fall of 2018, long-time volunteer, Gary Beasley, received the Volunteer of the Year Award!

In the fall of 2019, Nature’s Nest volunteer, Barb Weiss received the Volunteer of the Year Award!