Contracts & RFP

The FFRWR in partnership with the US FWS have embarked upon a new era. In the spring of 2021, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge was designed a Flagship Urban Refuge, an amazing national honor. With the honor came a commitment to working closely with the communities surrounding the RMANWR.

The first step is to lay the foundation for revitalized neighborhood relationships based on coordination, collaboration, and interdependence with the traditionally under-served communities around the refuge. We want visitors to feel safe and welcome at the refuge and know that the refuge is the community asset that the neighbors want. To be an asset, the refuge will offer programs and recreational opportunities that meet the needs of the surrounding communities.

The FFRWR is managing several key grants that will fulfill the vision of the refuge. One grant supports the equity research of Metro DNA. Another grant engaged a social science research firm to look at local demographics to determine if the refuge was providing meaningful programs and activities for the neighbors. A new volunteer coordinator was hired by FFRWR to recruit more neighbors and friends of the refuge. An Audio Visual, Multimedia, and GIS firm has been hired to assist the FFRWR and refuge with communications.