Mission & Vision

Each year, we set a variety of goals to support of our refuges. Those range from advocating for more support for our refuges to funding bus rides to the refuge for low-income students to hosting special fishing programs. The Friends Group also raises funds for refuge programs by running the store in the Visitor Center, Nature’s Nest, and by hosting an annual fundraising dinner and Silent Auction.


The Friends of the Front Range Wildlife Refuges (FFRWR) serve as a supporter and advocate for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and provide support for programs and projects intended to enhance refuge management goals.


The mission of FFRWR is to support and promote the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge in their efforts to conserve and restore native habitat and wildlife, as well as to provide meaningful opportunities for the public to experience wildlife and nature near a major metropolitan area.


FFRWR envisions native wildlife and habitat maintained in a healthy ecosystem that is rich and diverse and that contributes to the education and recreational enjoyment of people from all walks of life.

Each year, FFRWR set a variety of goals in support of our refuges. Those range from funding bus rides to the refuge for low-income school students to hosting special nature photography tours or fishing programs. Please join us as we work with and for the Refuges we love!